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Poetry: “In Loving Memory of Kobe Bryant”

Poetry: “In Loving Memory of Kobe Bryant”

| On 03, Feb 2020

Ten seconds left on the clock and he needed to score

The crowd screamed and watched for more

His team hustled and passed him the ball

The crowd went silent and wondered if he could make it at all

With a quick and steady pace

Kobe was sure to beat the race

Because the kid in him was destined for greatness

He knew that every chance and opportunity — he needed to take it

He leaps up, slams his arm down as the basketball goes through the hoop

The timer buzzes and the crowd cheers as he shoots

Not only did he possess this skill and talent

But a great big heart that was never filled with malice

He wanted to make others dreams a reality

He captured them with his mamba mentality

Kids and those who were in the game looked up to him as a mentor

May Black Mamba rest in peace forever


  1. Elizabeth Ogando

    I am very proud of my daughter Ashley for writing this poem for Kobe. As a fan it melted my heart and brought tears remembering him not only as a basketball player but as a wonderful father and human being. Rest In Peace Kobe, Gigi, and the rest of the people who were accompanying him.

  2. Olga

    Good job. Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna and God bless you my niece

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