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Voting ABCs for Generation Z

Voting ABCs for Generation Z

| On 10, Oct 2020

Voting may not seem like a big deal, especially to us in the younger generation. But, believe it or not, the future is in the hands of the youth. We are the future!

Although most members of Generation Z are not old enough to vote, approximately 24 million of them are eligible to cast their vote and participate in this year’s presidential election. With this number increasing every year, Gen Z has the opportunity to use their voices to make and be the change that the United States needs. 

With technology at their fingertips, getting information on how to register, potential candidates, and how to vote is easier than ever. Social media even has ways to check voter registration, opportunities to work at polls, and different ways to cast one’s vote. If more and more teenagers vote, this could encourage younger children to look towards registering when they turn eighteen.

When running for president, most candidates address education reform, student loans, and other issues that will affect students directly. If those students use their voices and exercise their right to vote, they will have a say in what they want their education system to look like.

One of the main reasons young people do not vote is because they believe that their vote does not count, but that’s simple false. The truth is simple: every vote counts. Gen Z makes up 37% of eligible voters. If every single one of them participates in this year’s election, they will be very powerful and they can sway it in the direction that they want to see it go.

For many years the number of youth voters to show up at polls has been low. That could possibly change this year with all the different ways to get their ballots in. They have the option of voting by mail, dropping their ballots off at an election poll, or voting the traditional way. Casting a vote is too easy and it is an opportunity that they would not want to miss. The youth is very powerful and their voices need to be heard. People will hear them loud and clear when they cast their votes this election. 

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