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Posts By Cydney Smith

The Secret to Success

May 26, 2021 |

Are you a high heel, sneaker, or boot? It doesn’t matter because we’re going to talk about all three.

Anyone can dress nice and acquire the drip, but if we’re really talking; the shoes say it all. The key is … Read More

Rowdy Riley

March 1, 2021 |

Standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighing 184 pounds… it’s Hudson Catholic’s Defensive End, #51… Jalen Riley! 

“I’ve been playing football for 7 years now.” I saw it on tv and I was like, I could do that,” Riley … Read More

Is Prom Worth It?

February 1, 2021 |

Transitioning from middle school to high school is pretty epic. Going from doing everything as a class under adult supervision 24/7 to walking to the cafeteria with a few friends while Snapchatting is a very big difference. 

As a high … Read More

BLESC’s Proud President

December 2, 2020 |

Not everyone knows about BLESC.

The group’s acronym stands for Blacks in Law Enforcement Servicing the Community. BLESC president Anthony Smith is a Hudson County corrections officer. Not only does he protect the community, but he gives back as well.

Read More

Voting ABCs for Generation Z

October 10, 2020 |

Voting may not seem like a big deal, especially to us in the younger generation. But, believe it or not, the future is in the hands of the youth. We are the future!

Although most members of Generation Z are … Read More

Fiction: “Red Wrangler”

May 1, 2020 |

Not a Corvette, or a BMW, but a bright red Wrangler. It’s a Jeep, he told me he had saved it for occasions like this. That explains why he rides his bike everywhere, he says it isn’t just a car, … Read More


October 13, 2019 |

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking to the very busy Bizzy to get some information and updates about his career. He was not in town, so this interview happened over FaceTime.

He was in a very good mood and … Read More