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Opinion: Our Children Aren’t Learning

Opinion: Our Children Aren’t Learning

| On 24, Feb 2021

The past year has been unforgettable to say the least. The results of the continuous spread of COVID-19 have been catastrophic and have resulted in life changing drastically for everyone. For almost a year now our lives have been different. Everyone is stuck home quarantining and adjusting to the new norm that is 2020. For us teenagers, we are missing out on all the fun and memory-making that comes with being in high school.

That being said, it seems not enough people are talking about who is really being affected the most: young children. Children might not be affected physically the way adults are, but let’s talk about how this is affecting their mental development.  

High school students, college students, and to some extend even intermediate school students have adapted mostly well to doing online school and still learning as best as they can. But the most important years in a child’s development takes place between the ages of newborn to five years old. What will the long term effects be on the children in preschool who aren’t getting the socialization the rest of us did in those crucial years?

I myself can vouch that it can be hard to sit behind a computer for six hours a day without getting distracted. If it’s hard for teenagers and young adults to do it, imagine how hard it is for a four year old to do so and actually absorb what they are learning.

Sensory games, interaction, and one-on-one learning with teachers is essential for young minds to grow. Granted, some kids may be getting this at home with a guardian, but not all kids have these privileges.

One parent I spoke to voiced her concerns about her daughter living under quarantine. Being 4-5 years old and interacting with only her parents for months has caused her to develop serious separation anxiety.

There are so many uncertainties and questions surrounding this pandemic, and this is one of those uncertainties we should be talking about more. The effects of this pandemic have been plentiful towards our youth and the worst part is that won’t see just how badly it has affected them for years to come.

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