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Matching Colors: Where to Start?

Matching Colors: Where to Start?

| On 15, Apr 2021

When constructing an outfit, visualization, color coordination, and materials all matter. Visualization is the easiest to achieve.

When you see something you like online or in a shop, you want to think back to clothes you may have and ask yourself if you think the piece of clothing will match with anything you have.

Visualizing what you can buy to match what you own is a huge upside to buying clothing, and it even helps you save money in the long run.

After that, you have to think about your body shape, depending on if you would want the clothes to be a perfect fit, oversized or, fitting.

Once you decide on how the clothes will fit, you move to the color coordination of clothes. Colors are the most important step in picking out an outfit, and even some companies will use colors to help their stores improve.

One store that does this, for example, is Forever 21. Forever 21 has a very pretty set up for their store, using glass decor and white to help bring the store together, and it makes people want to shop there.

This is where the color wheel, as shown above, comes into the picture. In the color wheel, you have primary and secondary colors.  For example, a complimentary color would be red, and the secondary color to match with it would be green.

Another huge part of colors would be warm and cool colors. Warm colors are really good for sunny days because it brings out the outfit. Cool colors are good with rainy cloudy days because it will tone the outfit to match the weather.

The weather plays a huge part in color coordinating because it helps match the outfits to help the mood of what to wear. When matching clothes, you also want to make sure that material plays a role.

Materials are not that hard to match, and for example, it may depend on where you are going. When going to the gym, material is something that people tend to worry about.

Wearing a leather outfit, for example, would be very uncomfortable if you went to the gym, so people wear more breathable clothing, such as leggings or mesh. 

Once you use all three components to match an outfit, you will able to match clothes better. You won’t second guess or choose not wear something because you do not know what to match it with.

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