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Cheer Captain

Cheer Captain

| On 09, May 2022

After four years on the Hudson Catholic Cheer team, Captain Brianna Karioki is turning in her pom-poms and heading off to college. The next captain of the cheer team has yet to be decided but Karioki hopes that they will be “someone who can represent the team well. They should be open to the opinions of other girls and able to adapt to difficult situations. Ideally they would be someone who is mature, responsible and very passionate about the team.”

Although being the captain isn’t always easy, there are more ups than downs. “I found that the best part of being a captain was being able to create cheers and dances to teach the other girls.” When asked about how she felt about the last game she cheered at, Karaoki replied that it was “Bittersweet, I was sad it was over but excited for the next chapter in my life. The team is really close and I will miss them a lot.”

Finally, she leaves them with these parting words, “I am so glad to have met all of you.  I hope you continue to progress and make me proud.”

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