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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Vaccines in America

May 13, 2020 |

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of the author. They do not reflect the opinions of The Commentator staff nor those of Hudson Catholic Regional High School.

Imagine someone choosing to have a dead child than one with autism. … Read More

Protect Our Frontliners

May 5, 2020 |

The defenseless soldiers on the battlefield who need armor and our help.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Economies have fluctuated, jobs have been lost, public places have been closed, social distancing has been put … Read More

The Destiny of Extinction

May 5, 2020 |

The battle between the human race and global wildlife has been increasingly difficult in the lens of preservation. In many efforts to combat the permanent loss of a species, many individual and governmental actions have taken measures to exhaust such … Read More

Growth in the Face of Adversity

May 5, 2020 |

COVID-19 has changed the lives of millions. Many people are getting sick and losing their jobs, and even their lives. However, in this tragedy, I am trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. It is very difficult … Read More

Fiction: “Red Wrangler”

May 1, 2020 |

Not a Corvette, or a BMW, but a bright red Wrangler. It’s a Jeep, he told me he had saved it for occasions like this. That explains why he rides his bike everywhere, he says it isn’t just a car, … Read More