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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Hawks Inspired by Autism Awareness Baseball Game

April 29, 2016 |

Autism Awareness Month is coming to an end. To me, this month means that we as a whole should pay much attention and be aware of autistic children, making sure to not treat any one of them as less of … Read More

What’s the Best Spring Thing?

April 28, 2016 |

Warm weather, Easter, pastel colors, floral patterns, and last but definitely not least: spring break! These are all of our favorite spring things! Spring is in the air, and it feels like seeing the light at the end of the … Read More

Yes, Race Still Matters

April 28, 2016 |

When Thomas Jefferson voiced America’s outrage at British oppression, he wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty … Read More

Review: The Ten Dollar Founding Father

April 27, 2016 | 1

The musical Hamilton seems to be the hottest ticket on Broadway these days.  It is completely sold out through the winter of 2016, and if you want to buy tickets any sooner, be prepared to pay $400 or more for … Read More

17 New NHS Members Make Hudson Proud

April 21, 2016 |

Hudson Catholic’s National Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday, April 14, at St. Aedan’s Church.

The National Honor Society is known for recognizing students who embody all it takes to rise above their peers and act as true … Read More

Tips for Next Year’s Seniors

April 18, 2016 |

Tip #1: Do not slack off on your school work. Finish the senior year off strong. Senoritis is real!

Tip #2: Try to finish all of your college applications by the end of December, so after winter break you can … Read More

Prom Fashion 2016

April 18, 2016 |

Prom is right around the corner, and we seniors are growing more and more excited each day. The number one thing we’re all anxious about is what to expect in terms of this year’s prom fashion trends. Everyone loves watching … Read More

Hudson Catholic Singlehandedly Saves Ocean

April 18, 2016 |

You’re welcome, ocean.

It is the 46th year of Earth Day, a movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action. 

Hudson Catholic students were given an opportunity to participate in that movement and in … Read More

Prepping for College Life

April 15, 2016 |

It’s about that time of the year again. Decision letters are coming in, scholarships are being handed out, and seniors are stressing out deciding what school is the best fit for them. It’s college decision time.

With May 1, National … Read More

Kobe’s Farewell A Historic Night for NBA

April 15, 2016 |

Wednesday, April 13, was a historic night for the National Basketball Association. What a way to end off the regular season!

In just one night, the Chicago Bulls’ 1995-1996 regular season record that few thought would ever be broken was … Read More

Track Star Terrell Bush Wins Big

April 15, 2016 |

The Commentator recently sat down with senior track star and former Hudson Catholic defensive back Terrell Bush for a one-on-one interview.

Bush is still celebrating his big wins in Kearny on Saturday, April 9. He earned four gold medals in … Read More

Take Me Out to the Prom Game: A Softball Girl’s Guide

April 13, 2016 |

ATTENTION ALL PROM GOERS! The prom season is here! Everyone should hustle to the dress and tux shops, and be smart at the plate to pick the perfect date. No one wants to strike out during this important season in … Read More

Hudson Catholic Hosts 26th Annual Forensic Speech Competition

April 13, 2016 |

This past weekend, the halls of Hudson were alive with the sounds of spoken word.

Hudson Catholic hosted its 26th annual Forensic Speech Competition on Saturday, April 9, 2016. For local students in grades 5-8, articulation, elocution, and eloquence were … Read More

How to Survive Prom Season

April 11, 2016 |

Some believe that prom is the most important day of a high schooler’s career. Those people are wrong. That day is graduation day.

For those of us who are just trying to have a fun, memorable night without stressing out … Read More

Doping Among Olympic Atheltes

April 8, 2016 |

Within the last 6 months, multiple athletes from all around the world have tested positive for doping substances by the Olympic committee.

Russia’s Olympic committee has been hit the hardest. Olympic tennis medalist Maria Sharapova recently tested positive for the … Read More